Humanae Vitae 50th Anniversary

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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On July 25, 1968, Pope Paul VI issued Humanae Vitae (On Human Life). He predicted four destructive  consequences of Contraception. They have all happened. Add your name to the Humanae Vitae 50 ad along with others to encourage the truth and beauty of this teaching on the sacred transmission of life … and avoid the perils of ignoring it.

Become a Signatory to our HV 50 Declaration:

     We, the undersigned, honor the 50th anniversary of the publication of this prophetic document by affirming our acceptance of its teachings and commitment to its full implementation. This document again proclaimed the Church's teaching that "each and every conjugal act remain ordered to the procreation of human life." Thus, contraception and sterilization remain intrinsically immoral acts.
     In the fifty years since its promulgation, many have criticized the Church's position on contraception and question her wisdom. But, as Archbishop Charles Chaput recently noted, "Humanae Vitae remains a powerful counter-witness to the widespread sexual dysfunction of our age as other Christian communities, and even many Catholics, have collapsed in their defense of sexual integrity. Humanae Vitae has remained a testimony to the truth."
     Contraception is the root of the Culture of Death. The widespread acceptance of contraception has resulted in increased infidelity, the general lowering of morality and a growing disrespect for women. Pope Paul VI foresaw these dire consequences and warned against them in Humanae Vitae.
     Our society failed to heed this warning. Thus, we now live in a culture where at least four out of ten children are born to single mothers, divorce is rampant, violent crimes against women have vastly increased, as has the acceptance of pornography. The most tragic consequence has been that members of the medical profession have killed millions of unborn children by abortion, which has become the "back-up" to contraception.
     Humanae Vitae also warned that governments would take coercive measures to impose contraception on citizens. For many years, some tyrannical governments have done so and some Western nation governments have engaged in such measures in Third World nations. Our nation recently witnessed the Obamacare Mandate attempting to coerce the Little Sisters of the Poor, as well as other Christian educational and service agencies, to fund contraceptive and abortifacient drugs.
     Contraception distorts the great gift of our sexuality and allows us to objectify those we claim to love. The contraceptive mentality is inherently flawed because it convinces us that we, not God, are the arbiters of human life. We become selfish by pursuing our desires instead of God's will for our lives.
     Contraception strips the marital act of one of its two purposes, which are unitive and procreative, and undermines the dignity of the human person. Therefore, it is sinful and deeply offends God. Until 1930, all Christian denominations rejected contraception and Protestant leaders, such as Luther, Wesley and Calvin, all spoke against the evils of contraception.
     We join Archbishop Chaput in praising Humanae Vitae "to celebrate the Catholic proclamation that truth, goodness and beauty go together." We call for its full implementation and pray for its acceptance in every heart.

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