On July 25, 1968, Pope Paul VI issued Humanae Vitae (On Human Life). He predicted four destructive  consequences of Contraception. They have all happened. Add your name to the Humanae Vitae 50 ad along with others to encourage the truth and beauty of this teaching on the sacred transmission of life … and avoid the perils of ignoring it.

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We, the undersigned, honor the 50th anniversary of the prophetic Humanae Vitae encyclical by Blessed Paul VI by affirming its teachings and committing ourselves to the fullness of its truth and natural beauty. Humanae Vitae noted the moral and cultural perils of contraception, and their contradiction of God's will for each husband and wife to perfect one another and cooperate in the generation and rearing of new life.

In the fifty years since the promulgation of Humanae Vitae, the Church's teaching has been challenged, rejected, and even ridiculed by the secular culture. But, as Archbishop Charles Chaput recently noted, "Humanae Vitae remains a powerful counter-witness to the widespread sexual dysfunction of our age as other Christian communities, and even many Catholics, have collapsed in their defense of sexual integrity. Humanae Vitae has remained a testimony to the truth."

By contradicting God's plan that links conjugal love to procreation, contraception has become the root of the Culture of Death. It has resulted in increased infidelity, the general lowering of morality and a growing disrespect for women. Pope Paul VI foresaw these consequences and warned against them in Humanae Vitae.

Our society suffers from its failure to heed this prophetic warning. Today, more than four out of every ten American children are born out-of-wedlock. Divorce is rampant. Violent crimes against women have vastly increased. And pornography degrades both men and women. But the most tragic consequence has been that the medical profession has normalized the use of contraception as a medical necessity, ignoring its abortifacient capabilities and detrimental effects on women's health. This use has led to millions of unborn children being killed by abortion as the "back-up" when contraception fails.

Humanae Vitae warned that governments would take coercive measures to impose contraception on their citizens. Certainly, tyrannical governments have done so, and some Western nations impose these measures upon Third World nations as a requirement for foreign aid. Our own nation recently witnessed the Affordable Care Act Mandate coercing the Little Sisters of the Poor, and other Christian educational and service agencies, to fund contraceptive and abortifacient drugs.

Contraception distorts the great gift of our sexuality and leads us to objectify those we claim to love. The contraceptive mentality is inherently flawed because it convinces us that we, not God, are the authors of human life. We become self-absorbed by pursuing our desires instead of God's will for our lives.

By changing the nature of the conjugal act, contraception strips the marital act of its beautiful procreative purpose, and therefore deeply offends God. Until 1930, all Christian denominations rejected contraception and Protestant leaders, such as Luther, Wesley and Calvin, all spoke out against the immorality of contraception.

We join in praising Humanae Vitae "to celebrate the Catholic proclamation that truth, goodness and beauty go together." We call for Humanae Vitae's full understanding and pray for its acceptance in every heart.

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Archbishop Charles J. Chaput O.F.M. Cap.
His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke  
Most Rev. Timothy C. Senior  
Bishop John J. McIntyre  
Msgr. J. Brian Bransfield  
  Steven   Bozza  
  Meghan   Cokeley  
Fr. Robert   Pesarchick  
  Francis X. Maier  
Fr. James E. McCurry O.F.M. Conv.
Rev. Paul   Scalia  
  John M. Haas  
  Barbara B. Henkels  
  Mark   Houck  
Amb. Alan   Keyes  
  Edmund   Adamus  
  Matthew   Pinto  
  Dale   Meier  
  Laura   Berquist  
Fr. Joseph   Zaleski  
Rev. Eric J. Banecker  
Fr. Tom   Barry  
Rev. Msgr. Francis   Beach  
Rev. Msgr. James D. Beisel  
Rev. Msgr. Richard  T. Bolger  
Fr. Ned J. Brown  
Rev. Marc   Capizzi  
Rev. Dennis J. Carbonaro  
Fr. David M. Chiantella  
Rev. Christopher   Christensen  
Fr. Keith   Chylinski  
Fr. Bailey   Clemens  
Rev. John Patrick Collins  
Rev. Christopher   Cooke  
Fr. Anthony J. Cossavella  
Rev. James   DeGrassa  
Fr. Anthony   Ernst  
Msgr. Gregory J. Fairbanks  
Rev. Robert   Farrell  
Rev. George   Fitzsimmons  
Rev. David M. Friel  
Rev. Anthony   Gargotta  
Rev. Msgr. Joseph P. Gentili  
Rev. Joseph F. Gleason  
Msgr. Albin J. Grous  
Rev. Msgr. Charles   Hagen Ph.D.
Rev. Timothy J. Henderson  
Rev. H. James Hutchins  
Rev. Anthony W. Janton  
Fr. Matthew J. Krempel  
Fr. John Paul Kuzma O.F.M. Cap.
Fr. James   Lehrberger O.Cist.
Fr. Joseph   LoJacono I.V.E., S.T.L.
Rev. Michael W. Magiera FSSP, KHS, ChLJ
Bishop Joseph F. Martino  
Rev. Anthony   Mastroeni  
Msgr. Stephen P. McHenry  
Rev. Fr. Harold B. McKale  
Fr. Andre   Metrejean  
Fr. Christopher   Moriconi  
Fr. Michael P. Morris  
Fr. Piotr   Mozdyniewicz  
Fr. Michael D. Murphy  
Rev. Kevin P. Murray  
Rev. Dr. David Daniel Nerbun  
Fr. Daniel   Nolan  
Fr. Justin   Nolan FSSP
Rev. Daniel   O'Mullane  
Rev. Paschal U. Onunwa Ph.D.
Fr. John   Pietropaoli  
Rev. Christopher   Redcay  
Rev. Darrell   Roman  
Rev. Joseph T. Shenosky  
Fr. Barry   Stechschulte  
Rev. Jeffrey M. Stecz  
Rev. Edmund J. Sylvia CSC
Fr. Leopoldo M. Vives Ph.D.
Rev. Victor P. Warkulwiz  
Rev. Denis   Wilde O.S.A., Ph.D.
Dcn. Anthony J. Bellitto Jr.
Dcn. Robert F. Brady  
Dcn. George   Corwell  
Dcn. Jim   Fowkes  
Dcn. John P. Giglio Jr.
Dcn. Dave   Gillespie  
Dcn. Phil   Hayes  
Dcn. Doug   Helbing  
Dcn. Paul J. Hiryak  
Dcn. David   Jones  
Dcn. Charles G. Lewis  
Dcn. David W. Murnane Jr.
Dcn. Joe   Owen  
Dcn. Jim   Owens  
Dcn. Fran   Phillips  
Dcn. Christopher C. Roberts  
Dcn. Vincent J. Thompson  
Dcn. John M. Travaline  
Dcn. Bill V. Williams M.D.
Br. Chrysostom   Castel  
Sr. Dolora M. Curley  
Sr. Mary Denise Dattore  
Sr. Marganne   Drago  S.S.J.
Sr. Sheila   Galligan I.H.M.
Sr. Mary Paul Haase  
Sr. Celeste   Hupert  
Sr. Jean-Marie   Rowe  
Sr. Theresa Marie Yeakel SCC
Sr. Sophie   Yondura  
  Kyle A. Beiter M.D.
  Paul J. Camarata M.D.
Dr. Paul   Carpentier  
  Faith D. Daggs M.D.
Dr. Vincent P. DelleGrotti O.P.
  Charles D. Dern Ph.D.
Dr. Maria Emilia Abadilla Florendo  
  George   Isajiw M.D., K.M.
Dr. Edward   Kryn  
  Mary   McCrossan M.D.
  Antone   Raymundo M.D., M.B.A.
Dr. Monique   Ruberu  
  N. Joseph Schrandt M.D.
  Frank   Shafer M.D.
Dr. William   Thierfelder  
  Patricia Owens Von Clef M.D.
  Matthew   Weitzel M.D.
Dr. Teresa A. Wolff  
  Nathan   Bashinski  
  Barbara A. Abate  
  Bernadette   Abate  
  Antoinette   Acquaviva  
  Kathleen A. Acquaviva  
  Jennifer   Affleck  
  Mary Ann   Albert  
  Anamaria   Alberto  
  Brian   Allen  
  Daniel   Allen  
  Sallyanne   Allen  
  Carol Ann Andalis  
  Robert E. Anderson  
  Iselle   Andrade  
  Mark   Anthony  
  Elena   Antonelli  
  Marianne T. Antonelli  
  Joseph L. Aquilani Jr.
  Barbara L. Arbuckle  
  John   Armstrong  
  Joseph & Meghan Austin  
  Stephen   Austin  
  Margaret   Baffa  
  Patrick & Jeanne Baker  
  Marisa K. Baldassano  
  Christina Marie Bannon  
  Chrystel   Bausch  
  Nancy J. Becker  
  Nancy   Becker  
  Chuck & Carol Beebe  
  Sharon   Bellitto  
  Linda   Belmonte  
  Susan   Benzie  
  Constance J. Beraducci  
  Paul & Marie Berenato  
  Pauline   Bergey  
  Elisa T. Berry  
  Jim   Bickel  
  Agnes   Blasiotti  
  John & Agnes Blisard  
  Patricia   Bogusch  
  M. Kathleen Bond  
  Bob & Barbara Bores  
  John   Boring  
  Steve & Debbie Bosak  
  Gregory   Bowen  
  Cynthia   Bower  
  Fran M. Boyle  
  Margaret   Bradbury  
  Patty   Brady  
  Kurt   Braeunle  
  Jennifer   Breen  
  John & Marybeth Brehany  
  Jacqueline Meile Brown  
  Martin Tucker Brown  
  James   Browne  
  Kenneth   Buckley  
  Henry & Rosemary Buehner  
  Maurita   Buhsmer  
  Paul   Burdett  
  Bill   Burke  
  Joseph M. Burke  
  Hugh & Grace Burns  
  Bernie   Burruano  
  Silvana   Byrne  
  Theresa A. Callaghan  
  Jeanne   Campagna  
  Barbara   Campbell  
  John J. Campbell  
  Lisa   Campo  
  Marie   Campo  
  Charlie   Carbo  
  William   Cardelli  
  Gerrie   Carr  
  Michael & Lisann Castagno  
  Mark   Cauffman  
  Suzanne B. Cavanaugh O.P.B.
  Noreen   Cavara  
  Melissa   Chapman  
  Thomas   Chatary  
  Christine   Cheeseman  
  Eileen   Christian  
  Mark   Christmyer  
  Mary Jo   Christof  
  Michael   Cibenko  
  Tom   Clark  
  Monica A. Clarke  
  Janet G. Cline  
  Mary   Coakley  
  Barbara C. Coder  
  Ann   Coffey  
  Tom   Coffey  
  Michael   Colagreco  
  Anita   Colahan  
  Kathy   Coll  
  Elizabeth Jane Collins  
  Gerrie & Tom Collins  
  Joseph   Contardi  
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  John  T. Conway  
  Marie   Coonahan  
  Janice   Corcoran  
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The     Coval Family
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  Peter & Teresa Creciun  
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Creedon  
  Donald & Julia Curtin  
  Carol   Cyphers  
  Katelyn   D'Adamo  
  Rose   D'Adamo  
  MaryEllen   D'Agusto  
  Dennis & Mary Daly  
  Patricia   D'Amico  
  Kathleen   Darcy  
  Alicia   Davis  
  James   Davis  
  Joanne C. Dearlove  
  Charles   DeFeo  
  James D. Delaney  
  Joe   Dembik  
  Julie   Depew  
  Nicholas   DeRosato  
  John A. DiCamillo  
  Marie   DiCecco  
  Adam & Sarah Dickerson  
  Christina   Dickerson  
  Sunda   Dierkes  
  Theresa   Dierkes  
  Anthony   DiFlorio  
  Francis   DiFonzo  
  Mark   DiLuigi  
  Patricia J. DiPietro  
  Tim & Julie Dippolito  
  Constance   Dooley  
  Michael   Doolittle  
  David   Doroski  
  Owen B. Douglass Jr.
  James R. Dowling  
  Patricia Ann Dowling  
Mrs. Mary B. Dressler  
  Annmarie   Dugan  
  Anthony & Laura Durle  
  Catherine N. Durle  
  John B. Durle  
  Paul F. Durle  
  Martin & Diane Eagan  
  George & Sandra Eble  
  John   Edford  
  Gerard   Einhaus  
  Mary D. Evans  
  Joe   Falco  
  Elyse A. Falk  
  Dolores & Bob Fenlon  
  John   Ferry Jr.
  Maria   Fichera  
  Maureen   Fillenwarth  
  Margaret Mary & Mike Filoromo Jr.
  Jack & Mary Finley  
  Kathleen   Finley  
  Gloria   Fischer  
  Noreen & Michael Flemming  
  Anita   Flynn  
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  Mary   Foss  
  Renee   Foulks  
  Matthew & Jane Frick  
  Rosemary   Friedrich  
  Clare   Frissora  
  Mary   Fritz  
  William   Fucich  
  Sue A. Fugate  
  John   Gabin  
  Brian & Joan Gail  
  Michael   Gallagher  
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  Mary   Galloway  
  David   Geffert  
  Francis   Genus  
  Theresa M. George  
  George & Tina Gerlach  
  Nicholas   Gibboni  
  Hugh Thomas More Gies  
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Mr. & Mrs. Mark   Gillespie  
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Mr. & Mrs. David   Haddon  
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  Mary   Ahmad  
  Michael   Aiello  
  Manuel   Albert  
  Robert   Alechnowicz
  Robert   Alger  
  Andrea   Allen  
  Kristi   Allison  
  Theresa   Allison  
  Mikhail & June Alnajjar  
  Josephine   Alongi  
  Raymond   Andary Jr.
  Diane   Anderson  
  Kelsey   Anderson  
  Kathleen   Androlewicz
  Barbara   Ansede  
  Frank   Ansede  
  James   Anton  
  Nora O. Aparicio  
  Jamie   Aragon  
  Andrea   Arencibia  
  Pam   Arend  
  Tim & Betsy Argauer  
  Ruth   Armington  
  Christine   Arndt  
  Mary Pat Arostegui  
  Antonio   Arvesu  
  Ian   Atencio  
  Ricardo   Atristain  
  Robert   Auchmoody
  Lois   Aumen  
  Joseph & Samantha Austin  
  Kim   Bach  
  Jeannine   Backstrom
  Fran   Badura  
  Dan William Baggs  
  George Paul Baker Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Glendon   Baker  
  Mollie   Baker  
  Trung   Baker  
  William & Mary Baker  
  Francie   Barcus  
  David   Bardon  
  John C. Barile  
  Michael & Kerry Barnard  
  Justin & Ellen Barraco  
  Mary   Barrett  
  Kimberly   Barry  
  Brindy   Bartlett  
  Eric   Bartock  
  Kimberly   Bartulica  
  Suzanne   Basaras  
  Gianna   Becher  
  Zoe   Becher  
  Mark   Beck  
  Thomas Joseph Beckenbauer
  Evelyn   Behling  
  Sean   Belby  
  Beth   Belcher  
  Maria   Bello  
  Judith   Belonia  
  Mary   Bennett  
  Joan   Bensman  
  Tania   Berg  
  Elizabeth   Berger  
  Margaret   Berkovsky
  Pat   Berkowski-Tuttle
  James   Berquist  
  Michaela   Berquist  
  Larry   Betkovsky
  Jamie   Beu  
  Ashley   Biel  
  Jojo   Birondo  
  Angela   Bisson  
  Stephanie   Black  
  Madeline   Blalock  
Mrs. Stasia M. Blalock  
  Christine   Blank  
  Nancy   Blau  
  Cheri R. Blomquist  
  Florence   Bogedin  
  Sharon   Boland  
  Ana   Bone  
  Rhonda   Borelli  
  Melissa   Boswell  
  Brent   Boveington
  Diana   Bowers  
  Steve   Bowler  
  Sherry   Bradl  
  Terri   Bradley  
  Robert   Brady  
  Suzzanne   Brakefield  
  Michael   Brammer  
  Rebecca   Breaux  
  Wilson   Breaux  
  Michael   Brecciano  
  Susie   Brent  
  Helen   Bressler  
  Lori   Brison  
  Joseph   Britt  
  Margarita M. Britt  
  Stephanie   Broardt  
  Natalie   Brockman  
  Charles   Brodowicz
  W.H.   Brophy  
  Donna   Brown  
  Frank   Brown  
  Mike & Christine Brown  
  J. Ernest Brunelle  
  Mac   Bryant  
  Yolanda   Bryant  
  Kristina   Brzezinski
  William   Brzozowski
  Donna   Buell  
  Matthew   Buller  
  Ann   Burke  
  Nancy   Burnett  
  Joan   Burns  
  Sheri   Burns  
  Janet   Busboom  
  Maura   Butler  
  Robert   Caldwell  
  Robin   Callon  
  Angela   Camel  
  Bruce D. Canade  
  William & Julie Canavan  
  Frank & Jeanne Caparso  
  Bernadette Capuyan  
  Edie   Carlson  
  Emily   Carlson  
  Laura   Carlson  
  Mary   Carlson  
  John   Carlucci  
  Andrea   Carota  
  Drey   Carr  
  Richard   Carrara  
  Jimmy   Carroll  
  Susan F. Carroll  
  CarolLee   Carruth  
  Jennifer   Cartaya  
  Mike   Casey  
  Melanie   Cassidy  
  Joseph   Catalano  
  Cynthia   Caton  
  Tom   Caulfield  
  Thomas   Cecil  
  Doughtrill   Cezair  
  Patti   Chasuk  
  Mary Ann & Mike Chezik  
  Cristina Lucia Chillem  
  Jennifer   Chirdo  
  Amy   Chorne  
  Rose   Chovanec  
  Patricia   Christensen
  Edmund   Chua  
  Michael   Ciervo  
  William   Cifuentes  
  Joseph & Sheila Cigolotti  
  Lucrecia   Cimmins  
  Lisa   Ciola  
  Mary   Clancy  
  Anbihn   Clark  
  Jason & Brenda Clark  
  Jordan   Clark  
  Julie A. Clark  
  Ronnie L. Clark  
  Thomas   Clavin  
  John   Clay  
  Philip & Lila Cleary  
  Constance Coellner  
  Michael D. Coleman  
  Kristine   Collins  
  Jean Ann Colón  
  Joanne M. Conry  
  Cara   Cook  
  Denise   Cooke  
  Denise   Cooper  
  Margarita   Cooper  
  Robby   Cooper  
  Robrecht   Coopman  
  Barbara   Corbalis  
  Steven   Corbin  
  Denise   Cornicelli  
  Mary Catherine Cornwell  
  Robyn & Chad Costello  
  Bradford G. Cosway  
  Julie   Courant  
  Betty   Covarrubias
  Scott   Cowen  
  Evan   Cowie  
  Karla   Cox  
  Mark   Crabtree  
  Mary C. Crabtree  
  Robyn   Croix  
  Olga   Cronin  
  Lisa   Crookston  
  Dean   Crowhurst  
  Thomas   Crudele  
  Bill   Crumrine  
  Monica   Cuasay  
  Bianca   Czaderna  
  Anthony & Michelle D'Agostino
  Tim   Dallas  
  Thomas   D'Alto  
  William A.B. Dalzell III
  Eileen   Dantas  
  Amy   Davis  
  Jacqlynn   Davis  
  Robert   Davis  
  Jeanette   Day  
  Heidi   DeAlessio  
  John   DeAlessio  
  John   DeAlessio  Jr.
  Olivia   Decker  
  Francisco Javier Saavedra DeFlores  
  Alanna   Delagarza  
  Holly   DeLeon  
  Jennifer   Delgado  
  Nidia   Delgado  
  Michael L. DeLorme  
  Philip   Deluca  
  Thomas   Demuth  
  Joseph   Denman  
  Nicholas   Denman  
  Maia   Dennis  
  Denise   DeRocher  
  Jim   DeSmet  
  L.   Desormeaux
  John T. DeVere  
  Patricia   Devine  
  Maggie   DeWitte  
  Richard Joseph Dialessi  
  Ana   Dichito  
  Cecelia   Dickman  
  Angela   Dietzen  
  Linda   Dimoff  
  Timothy   Dineen  
  Allyson   Docken  
  Cheryl D. Dockter OCDS
  Edward   Donovan  
  James   Dooher  
  Elizabeth   Dornay  
  Thomas   Dose  
  Marlys   Dotzenrod  
  Kevin & Kimberley Downes  
  Mike   Drake  
  Kerry   Dreher  
  James F. Driscoll III
  Mary   Dudley  
  Nicholas   Duffee  
  Diane M. Duhig  
  Charles   Duke  
  Mary   Dulac  
  Bryan   Dulock  
  Richard & Eileen Dunn  
  Kathryn   Dunworth  
  Christina   Durkee  
  Brandi   Durocher  
  Suzi   Dutro  
  Monica   Dyche  
  Sandra   Eaton  
  Rachel   Edwards  
  Samuel L. Edwards  
  Suzanne   Egger  
  Todd   Ehlers  
  Judith   Elizalde  
  Laura   Ellis  
  James H. Endres  
  Heather   Engstrom  
  Deanna Marie Erdman  
  Amy   Erwin  
  Catherine   Espitallier  
  Mary L. Evans  
  Joseph   Evola  
  James V. Faber  
  Michelle Ann Fair  
  Frank S. Farello  
  Brien   Farley  
  Cindy   Faust  
Mrs. Dolly   Faust  
  Maryann   Fay  
  James   Fee  
  Andrew   Feenstra  
  Richard   Fell  
  Christina   Ferguson  
  Samuel   Ferraro  
  Matthew   Festa  
  Etienne   Figueroa  
  George   Fink  
  Sharon   Fischer  
  Ruth   Fitzwater  
  Laurie   Flanagin  
  Mary T. Flannery  
  Jay   Fleischman
  Francine   Flood  
  Ana María Monte Flores  
  James & Denise Flowers  
  Patrick M. Flynn  
  David   Fockler  
  Pauly   Fongemie  
  Tamara   Fontenot  
  C.M.   Formisano
  Caroline   Fortuna  
  Steven   Fotou  
  Kenton & Tracy Foundas  
  Marise   Frangie  
  Coleen T. Frank  
  Lauren   Fredrickson
  Matthew   Freeborg  
  Marikay   Freedman  
  Cort   Freeman  
  C.M.   French  
  Pat   Friend  
  Mamie   Fritz  
  Patricia & John Mark Froehlich  
  Susan   Frohnhoefer
  Justin   Fullenkamp
  Jon & Jen Fuqua  
  Barbara   Furnari  
  Theresa   Gabriel  
  Denise M. Gabryel  
  Heather   Gagnon  
  Michelle   Gale  
  Nancy   Gallaher  
  Julie   Gallegos  
  Deborah   Gallo  
  Lubiam   Gambarte  
  Cheryl   Gannaway
  Adam   Garcia  
  Carlos   Garcia  
  Christine   Garnier  
  Merton   Garrison  
  Christopher Garton-Zavesky
  Dominic   Garton-Zavesky
  Judy   Garton-Zavesky
  Karen   Gassmann
  David J. Gauthier  
  Robert   Gavagan  
  Mirande   Gazal  
  Diane   Geick  
  Irina   Gernaey  
  Anthony   Giangiulio  
  Irene   Gifford  
  Kevin & Ashley Gill  
  Veronica   Gillis  
  Eric   Giunta  
  Maria   Glamuzina
  Dennis   Glenn  
  Lindsay   Glenn  
  Kathleen C. Glennon  
  Marv   Glin  
  Raymond   Glowa  
  James & Rochelle Glowaski  
  Gary & Paulette Godin  
  Barbara   Goldkamp  
  Sophia   Gomez  
  Mariann   Gonzalez  
  Robert   Good  
  Nancy   Gordon  
  Cynthia   Goshen  
  Rosalie   Grana  
  Elizabeth   Gravelle  
  Lois   Grebosky  
  Tamara   Greco  
  Jerry   Grenda  
  Robyn   Grime  
  Christopher Gueli  
  Joe   Guernsey  
  Ann   Gundlach  
  Robert   Gurnack  
  Judith   Gutierrez  
  Lia   Gutierrez  
  Richard & Joyce Guyer  
  Karen   Haberstock
  Mark & Alyson Haefner  
  Anna   Halisky  
  Abigail   Hall  
  Joanne   Hallenbeck
  Michelle   Halpin  
  Lisa & Mark Hamilton  
  William   Hamilton  
  Melissa   Hanks  
  William   Hanley  
  Sara J. Hansen  
  Sherrylynne Harrington  
  Patrick   Harris  
  Dave   Hart  
  Thomas & Marilyn Hartigan  
  Erica   Hartman  
  Patricia   Hartung  
  Suzanne   Haschak  
  Stephanie   Haseltine  
  Shelley   Haug  
  Jennifer   Hawkins  
  Linda   Hayes  
  Michelle   Hays  
  Mark   Hazel  
  David   Heath  
  Angela   Hebert  
  Dan   Hegenbart  
  Susan L. Heitmann  
  Darlene   Hejza  
  Tony & Beth Hemann  
  Forest   Hempen  
  Jackie   Henderson
  Joan M. Henk  
  Paul M. Henkels Jr.
  Erin   Henry  
  Jeremy   Henson  
  Aleacia   Herbolsheimer
  Janice   Hermes  
  Elisabeth   Hernandez
  Mary   Hess  
  Mary Jo Hettwer  
  Ray   Heyob  
  Liz   Hildebrand
  Barb   Hilger  
  Ruth   Hill  
  John   Hinshaw  
  Cheryl   Hoeber  
  Laura   Hoeflein  
  Steven   Hogan  
  Craig   Holly  
  Frances   Holmes  
  Geoffrey   Holodook  
  Mark   Holtschlag
  Lee   Holub  
  Stephen   Honrath  
  Maria   Hooker  
  Virginia   Horstman  
  James V. Hough  
  David A. Howard  
  Amy   Howdeshell
  Heidi   Hudson  
  LeAnn   Hufnagel  
  Colleen   Hughes  
  Christine   Humphries
  Richard   Hunter  
  Sara   Hunter  
  Beverly   Hussey  
  Michele   Iaccino  
  Carlos   Ibarra  
  Roseanita   Iepson  
  Sally   Ilagan  
  Kris   Illenberger  
  Mary Lee Ingoldsby  
  Paul   Irwin  
  Suzanne   Irzyk  
  Catherine   Ismert  
  Tom & Sharon Jablonski  
  Frances   Jackson  
  Kevin   Jacque  
  Paul   Janke  
  Susan   Jankowski
  Patricia   Jannuzzi  
  Joyce   Jaros  
  Robert M. Jenkins  
  Christine   Jervis  
  Thomas F. Jessen  
  Jeffrey   Jewell  
  Barbara   Johannesen
  Jean   Johannigman
  Jessica   John  
  Leslie   Johnson  
  Matthew & Emily Johnson  
  Nancy   Johnson  
  Paul   Johnson  
  Rena   Jonna  
  Paul M. Jonna  Esq.
  Douglas   Jorif  
  Mike   Julian  
  George   Kadlec  
  Gary L.J. Kaiser  
  Madelyn   Kaiser  
  Paula   Kaiser  
  Barbara   Kalar  
  John   Kallelis  
  Judith   Kasak  
  Anton   Kaska  
  Doris B. Kasprak  
  Nalinee   Kattija-Ari  
  Jackie   Keenan  
  Lori   Keifer  
  Patrick   Kellems  
  Susan   Keller  
  Greg   Kemper  
  Owen & Mary Kay Kennedy  
  Jeannine   Kern  
  Judy   Keyes  
  Richard   Kimmet  
  Jill   King  
  John   King  
  Pamela   King  
  Karen   Klaczak  
  Colleen   Klein  
  Jacqueline Klicker  
  Luke   Klosiewski
  Liesa   Klump  
  Vincent P. Knipfing  
  William   Kolanko  
Mr. Jackford R.M.B. Kolk O.P.
  Renae   Kopacz  
  Jillian   Korte  
  Mary   Kouba  
  Ervin   Kovacs  
  Peggy   Krakowski
  Sarah   Kramer  
  Kathryn   Krauss  
  Nancy   Kremer  
  Melvin   Kriesel  
  Jacqueline Kruger  
  Janet   Kuse  
  David N. Kwiecinski
  Jo-Anne   Lacson  
  Robert   LaGesse  
  Gregory   Lamberty  
  Karen B. Lamm  
  Tory   Lamore  
  Catherine   Lamothe  
  John   Lancellotta
  Carol   Landaiche  
  C. Jason Landau  
  Brian   Lane  
  Brianna   Lane  
  Rachel D. Lang  
  Barbara   Langkau  
  Mary   Lareau  
  Christopher LaRose  
  Constance Lauerman  
  Patricia   Laufer  
  Lisa   Lawton  
  David   Layman  
  Rebecca   LaZella  
  Gerard F. LeBlond  
  Cecilia   LeChevallier
  Dave   Ledonne  
  Thomas & Jacqueline Lee  
  Joanne   LeFevre  
  Fiona   Leggett  
  William A. LeMire  
  Alice   Lemon  
  Sam   LeNeave  
  Janice   Lent  
  Colin   Lesnar  
  Kate   Lessman  
  Carol   Levesque  
  Andrew T. Lewandowski
  Elaine   Lewis  
  Elvia   Leyva  
  Arlene   Lininger  
Mr. J. Ambrose Little O.P.
  Susan   Livaudais  
  Lori   Lively  
  Thomas J. Livorsi  
  Grazyna   Lombardi  
  Joe   Lombardi  
  Maria   Loomis  
  Lauren   Lovewell  
  Kim W. Lovold  
  Rachael   Lowe  
  Santos   Lozano  
  Mark & Monica Luehrmann
  Lucy   Lyons  
  Sheila M. Lyons  
  Robert & Andrea Maciejewski
  Marla Dolores Mack  
  Michael   Mack  
  Sarah   Madl  
  Thomas   Mahala  
  Patricia   Mahoney  
  Susan   Maida  
  Andrea   Maiorana  
  Denis Michael Malcolm MSN RN
  Chris   Manion  
  Benjamin   Mankowski
  Maureen   Manning  
  Michael   Manocchio
  Scott   Marion  
  Rose Ann Marsala  
  James P. Martelon  
  Alisha   Martin  
  Christine   Martin  
  Elizabeth R. Martin  
  David P. Martinez  
  Glenn   Martinez  
  Anne E. Marty  
  Elizabeth   Mason  
  Dolores   Massey  
  Coleen Kelly Mast  
  Annmarie   Mastro  
  Theresa   Mastroieni
  Louis A. Matej  
  Trina   Matthews  
  Steffanie   Maynard  
  Cynthia   Mazelin  
  Michael   Mazza  
  Lauren   McAdams  
  Michael   McCall  
  Michele   McCann  
  Dan   McCarthy  
  Kim   McCarthy  
  Thomas J. McCarthy  
  AnnMarie   McCheyne
  Donald   McClellan  
  Rachel   McDonald  
  Margaret   McEneny  
  Lawrence K. McGray  
  Julia   McKay  
  Maria A. McKay  
  J. Robert McKenna  
  Sherry   McMahon  
  Ronald J. McNamara
  Ronan   McNamara
  Jenny   McPherson
  Michael   Meads  
  Rosanne   Mehelas  
  George   Meitz  
  Britny   Melendrez
  Claude   Mertzenich
  James T. Meyer  
  Maureen   Meyer  
  JoAnne T. Meyers  
  Alicia A. Miller  
  Kelly   Miller  
  William   Miller  
  Francis & Germaine Milligan  
  Patricia   Minalga  
  Ayumi   Miraz  
  Gayle   Misner  
  Jason J. Mitchell  
  Monica   Mohan  
  Barb   Monahan  
  Jim & Barbara Monarchio
  Jack   Monbouquette
  Andrew   Montanaro
  Cynthia   Montanaro
  Rachel   Montanaro
  Carmen J. Montanez  
  Omar   Montes  
  Brit   Montrella  
  Bernadette Moore  
  Marylou   Moran  
  Mark   Morawski  
  Michaela   Moreau  
  Maritza   Morelos  
  Sara   Morey  
  Martha A. Morrin  
  Teresa   Morris  
  Sharan   Motamedi  
  Anne   Motley  
  Matthew B. Moucha  
  Kristyn   Moury  
  Tara   Mowery LCHS
  James   Moynagh  
  John   Muenster  
  Kristine   Mulholland
  Jessica   Munn  
  Paul A. Muri  
  Christine   Murphy  
  Joan   Murphy  
  Ralph & Marilyn Murphy  
  Sharon   Murphy  
  John   Musil  
  Tim   Nagel  
  Jerad   Najvar  
  Danielle   Neal  
  Bob   Neidert  
  Crystal   Nelson  
  Linda   Nelson  
  Linda   Nelson  
  Marcy   Nelson  
  Mattie   Nelson  
  Paul   Nelson  
  Ann   Nerbun  
  Paul   Newkirk  
  Alana   Newman  
  John   Nguyen  
  Milagros   Nguyen  
  Paul & Jo Anne Nick  
  Carol   Nicolai  
  Walter   Niebrzydowski
  Sean   Niemic  
  Christine   Niles  
  Ena   Nishimuta  
  Isabel   Nishimuta  
  Kevin   Nishimuta  
  Theresa A. Nixon  
  Cynthia   Nobers  
  Robert & Tricia Nolan  
  Peter & Mary Nordlund  
  Catherine   Norman  
  Rick & Teresa Norris  
  Peg   Norton  
  Grzegorz   Nowakowski
  Amy   Oates  
  Daniel J. O'Brien  
  Kathleen   O'Brien  
  Mary   O'Brien-Kautz
  John & Amy O'Callaghan
  Gail   O'Connor  
  Timothy   O'Connor  
  Duane   Oden  
  Rachel   Ogea  
  Connie   O'Gorman  
  Kenneth   O'Hanlon  
  Marie   O'Hara  
  Gary   Okino  
  Marcy Suzanne Olipane  
  Arron & Lyudmila O'Neal  
  Kosi   Onyeneho  
  Thea   Oprzedek  
  Sean   O'Rahilly  
  Susan   Ordway  
  Margaret   O'Reilly  
  Thomas   Oswald  
  Kevin   O'Toole Jr.
  Chris   Otsuki  
  Hugh   Owen  
  John & Mary Paddenburg
  Christmas M. Pammit  
  Laura   Pariseau  
  Rebecca   Parker  
  Connie   Parsons  
  Jacqui   Patin  
  Sandra   Patrick  
  Diane   Paulitz  
  Patricia   Pavia  
  Edward   Pearce  
  Teresa   Peddemors
  Ben & Rita Pehl  
  Fred   Penar  
  Amadeo   Perez Jr.
  Jennifer   Perkins  
  John   Petracca  
  Janet   Petrucci  
  Bernard   Pettie  
  Carmen   Phillips  
  Teresa   Piattoni  
  Michelle   Piccolo  
  Alfred   Picogna  
  Sabrina   Pierotti  
  Kathryn   Pilczuk  
  Veronique   Pileri  
  Linda   Pipes  
  Joseph J. Pippet  
  Francine   Piquette  
  Denise   Pirrung  
  Catherine   Pitt  
  Michael   Pitterle  
  Randy & Kathleen Pittman  
  Thomas   Pituch  
  Alfonse A. Pizzica  
  Terese   Platte  
  Jacqueline Pletan  
  Larry & Susan Poirier  
  Camilo S. Pongos  
  Jenelle   Ponkowski
  Luis   Ponzo  
  Joseph   Porchetta  
  Maureen   Pott  
  Marya   Pouliot  
  Christopher Poulos  
  Carmela   Powell  
  Heidi   Powell  
  Andrea   Powers  
  Michael   Pratt  
  Thomas   Pratt  
  Josephine   Prince  
  Marilyn   Procko  
  Mechele   Pron  
  Anni R. Puente  
Mr. & Mrs. Mark   Puzerewski
  Magdalena Pyziak  
  Louise   Quigley  
  Kathleen   Rahe  
  Dianne M. Raimondi  
  Elizabeth   Rangitsch  
  Patrick   Rankin  
  Betty Ann Rapello  
  Mary E. Rapp  
  Patrick & Raegan Ratterman
  Jan   Rau  
  Ann   Rave  
  Mary   Reale  
  Annemarie Redivo  
  Zhon Marie Reed  
  Michael   Reilly  
  Kevin & Marcia Reina  
  Linda   Reis  
  Kevin   Reneau  
  Mary   Renkola  
  Diana   Renouard  
  Tracy   Renspurger
  Monica   Renzetti  
  Joseph   Revesz Sr.
  Jennifer   Reyes  
  Chris   Reynolds  
  Carol A. Rhodes  
  Chantal   Ricci  
MGySgt. John M. Richards USMC (Ret.)
  Renee   Richardson
  Jean   Riha  
  Frank & Angelina Rizzo  
  Paul & Lisa Roach  
  Teresa   Roach  
  Denise   Robertson  
  Esther   Roche  
  Paula   Rochelemagne
  Susan   Roelle  
  Tahnee K. Roers  
  Audrey   Rogers  
  James W. Rogers  
  Molly M. Rohall  
  Mary   Rollino  
  Mauricio   Romero  
Mrs. Marie E. Romero  O.P.
  Kelly   Roper  
  Amy   Rose  
  Ann   Rose  
  Kelly   Rosenberry
  Sue   Ross  
  Daniel   Roy  
  Margaret   Rozzi  
  Stephanie   Rubeling  
  Lyn   Ruby  
  Rosarita   Rullan  
  Janice   Rush  
  Tim   Rushenberg
  Christine   Ryalls  
  Harold   Ryan  
  Carol   Sacca  
  Abe & Eva Saldivar  
  Cindy   Sale  
  Audry   Salvador  
  Mike & Denise Sanborn  
  Oscar   Sanchez  
  Emma   Sandoval  
  Melissa   Sandoval  
  Kenneth Shensky Sands  
  Joseph & Mary Santamour
  Mary   Santine  
  Doris   Santschi  
  Ellen   Sarnecky  
  Gregory   Saulnier  
  Monica   Savage  
  Ana   Sayre  
  Sylvia   Scally  
  Melissa   Scalph  
  Rich & Laura Scanlon  
  Rosemary   Schaefer  
  Aaron   Schaffer  
  Elizabeth   Schantz  
  Stephanie   Schell  
  Diane   Schiavo  
  Ann   Schierer  
  Greg & Stephanie Schlueter  
  Brenda Santerre Schneider  
  Barbara   Schoeneberger
  Carol   Schofield  
  Sheila   Schofield  
  Vera M. Schraa  
  Nancy   Schulltz  
  Paul   Schultz  
  Ron   Schutzenhofer
  Carolyn   Scimone  
  Mary   Scott  
  Monica   Seeley  
  Curtis   Seelhammer
  Kathleen   Seitz  
  Cindy   Selby  
  Doris Jean Senatus  
  David   Sepan  
  Paul   Sepe  
  Cindy   Shannon  
  Melissa   Sheng-Lemaignen
  Bill & Jennifer Sheppard  
  Dan   Shibler  
  Hollee   Shomette  
  Daniel   Short  
  Genevieve   Short  
  Katy   Short  
  Noah   Short  
  Janet   Siewierski  
  Armelle   Sigaud  
  John D. Sims  
  Sarah   Sinclair  
  Judith   Sinnard  
  Pattie   Slattery  
  Mary   Smart  
  Michael   Smigielski
  Howard D. Smith  
  Janet E. Smith  
  Pamela   Smith  
  Sylvia   Solheim  
  Susan   Solorzano  
  John   Sommer  
  Johnny   Sosa  
  Catherine   Soukup  
  Stacy   Spadafora  
  Sue   Spafford  
  Kevin & Karin Spears  
  Judi   Spencer  
  Paul   Spencer  
  Gary   Sperle  
  Sylvia   Spiering  
  Thomas   Sracic  
  Daniel & Mary St. Hilaire  
  Kathryn   St. Pierre  
  Jennie   Stanbro  
  Elizabeth   Stankiewicz
  Josef   Stark  
  Andrea   Starosciak
  Jerry & Kathy Stauss  
  Don   Steltz  
  Richard T. Stith II
  Lisa   Stobb  
  Rosemary   Stonequist
  Ana   Stooks  
  Frank   Stoppa  
  Nicole   Stransky  
  Pat   Straus  
  Pamela   Strobel  
  Eric   Stubblefield
  Frances L. Student  
  Mary   Sturm  
  Erin   Sullivan  
  Jane   Sullivan  
  Christine   Sun  
  Edward   Swiderski  
  Leszek   Syski  
  Susan   Szoke  
  Thomas A. Szyszkiewicz
  Kathryn S. Tafuro  
  Rick & Wei Tan  
  Paul   Tanko  
  Aaron   Taricska  
  Rosanna   Tarr  
  John   Tarter  
  Elaine   Tegart  
  William & Susan Temple  
Mr. Carlo Santa Teresa  
  Denise   Terneus  
  Judi   Teters  
  Karen   Thieme  
  Mary   Thierfelder  
  Brian   Thomas  
  Clare   Thomas  
  Elizabeth   Thomas  
  Steven & Mary Virginia Thomas  
  David   Thompson
  Debora   Thompson
  Karyn   Thompson
  Richard K. Thompson
  Elizabeth   Tighe  
  Teresa   Tillotson  
  Laurence   Tischendorf
  Seth   Toft  
  Daniel   Tole  
  John & Lucy Torres  
  Rogelio   Torres  
  Hilary   Towers  
  Mary   Trainor  
  Janet   Trapp  
  John   Travis  
  MaryAnne   Tremblay  
  Peggy   Trombino  
  Amanda P. Truelove  
  Will & Barb Truss  
  Linda   Tuggle  
  Lindsey   Tullier  
  Sarah   Turk  
  Julianna   Turner  
  John   Tuttle  
  Pat Berkowski Tuttle  
  Barbara   Ulaszek  
  Brian   Ulmen  
  Patrick   Uriarte  
  Mary M. VanDamme
  Joe   Vandenburg
  Theresa A. Vander Poel
  Heidi   VanSmoorenburg
  Digby & Stacy Veevers-Carter
  Rosemarie Veljak  
  Felipe   Vengco  
  Michael   Vessels  
  Jeff   Veyera  
  Kate E. Vidimos  
  Mary C. Vidimos  
  Steven   Vining  
  Jeanne   Visk  
  Don   Volz  
  James   Vranish  
  Katherine   Wahl  
  Patricia K. Waisley  
  Julia   Walker  
  Frank A. Wall  
  Jason   Wallace  
  Daniel   Walsh  
  Tara   Walt  
  Russell   Wardlow  
  Erik   Warner  
  Mary & Jamie Wasko  
  Kelly   Wathen  
  Charles W. Watson  
  Trish   Watta  
  Michael   Weinkauf  
  Wendy   Weinkauf-Arnold
  Joseph   Wetterling  
  Kim   Wetzel-Williams
  George   White  
  Kevin   White  
  Phyllis A. White  
  Renee   Wickes  
  Carol   Wiese  
  Nikki   Wiles  
  Susan   Wilkinson  
  Alicia   Willenborg
  Lynn   Williams  
  Sharon   Williams  
  Sharon   Williams  
  Mary   Willis  
  Monica   Windham  
  Arlene   Winters  
  Dave & Kathy Wither  
  Gregory   Witherow  
  Nancy   Witt  
  Mary Jo   Witte  
  Alvin J. Wolf Jr.
  Peter   Wolf  
  William   Wolfe  
  Timothy   Wolosz  
  Maria   Woltornist  
  Elena   Woodrough
  Erin   Woods  
  Karen J. Wright  
  Stephen   Wynne  
  Rebecca   Wysoski  
  Richard W. Yamin  
  Anne-Marie Yanoschik
  Claire   Yanoschik
  Marilyn A. Yee  
  John E. Yox  
  Frank J. Yuchymiw
  Kelly   Yuez  
  Gene   Zaleski  
  Suzan R. Zaner  
  Robin   Zapalac  
  Stephanie   Zeballos  
  Joe   Zeunik  
  Chasson M. Abeyta  
Mrs. Judith T. Abramovitz
Mr. Leo   Albiniak  
  Mark   Arnold  
  Carolyn A. Blaszczyk
  Mark   Bradford  
  Annemarie   Brimmer  
  George   Brown  
Mr. Raymond F. Bullock Jr.
Fr. Michael J. Carvill FSCB
Mr. Richard J. Danek Sr.
  Helen B. DeLeonard
Fr. Mark   Dolan  
Dcn. Leo S. Fehner  
Mr. Jason   Fritz  
Mr. Steven Joseph Fromme  
  Patrick & Marie Gavit  
Br. Gary Edward Geraci  
Mr. Peter C. Haas Jr.
Mr. Ron   Kaiser  
Fr. David W. Kennedy  
Mr. John R. Knoll  
  Catherine R. Lindgren  
Mr. John P. Maggio  
  Ken & Darcy Maggio  
Fr. Addisalem T. Mekonnen
  Lorraine J. Miner  
Mr. David   Moss  
  Sarah   Mullarkey  
Br. Arthur C. O'Rourke Sr.
Mrs. Andrea   Ortos  
  Emily   Popik  
  Marvin J. Pratt  
Mr. Joseph G. Sandoval  
  Kristy B. Schade  
  Lois   Sheahen  
  Evette M. Shileny  
  Marylou   Sivigliano  
  Thomas A.M. Smith  
Mr. Joseph M. St. Hilaire  
Mrs. Marcia K. St. Hilaire  
Mr. Charles W. Stelly  
  James & Julie Taft  
  Tamera J. Timmerman
Dcn. Steven J. Vallero  
Dcn. John F. Vassallo Jr.
Mrs. Catherine   Zittel  
Mr. Christopher J. Zittel