Art of Persuasion Seminar

Saturday, February 9, 2019

9:30 AM to 12:00 PM in O'Dea Terrace Lounge at Talley Athletic Center, Villanova University.


This is for anyone involved or looking to get involved in the pro-life movement!
The primary purpose of this seminar is to equip, motivate, and build confidence in attendees so they can persuade people with pro-life beliefs to participate in the efforts of the pro-life movement, and to persuade others of the pro-life position.
Professor Matt Manion will direct this interactive seminar, with the support and sponsorship of Villanova University School of Church Management. 
Registration $25, Student rate $15
Registration is available online below, as well as by mail using the printable flyer/form below, or by phone 215-393-3610, or email RjY0KSovICMjIjMlJzIvKSgnKiApMygiJzIvKSgGISsnLypoJSkr@nospam.
Walk-ins and payment at the door will be accepted.

Parking Pass and Map



Please note: The lot on the parking pass will likely be full because of other events happening at Villanova on Saturday, but the parking office re-opened the lot closest to the Talley Athletic Center for us, so just pull in by the guard shack on Ithan, park at the Talley Athletic Center, and walk across the street.  On the attached map, the Talley Center is the green square between 32 (The Finneran Pavilion) and 34 (Jake Nevin Fieldhouse).

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Regular Registration

Student Rate Registration

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