Humanae Vitae teaches that contraception is harmful to the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage. The contraceptive mentality kills love, disregards God's will and the gift of life, and wreaks havoc on society.

What is the alternative to contraception and the mentality behind it? A mentality that seeks to do God's will, and be open to his plan for married love, which is a complete gift of self, including fertility!

But what if a couple needs to avoid conceiving a child? What if a woman is told she needs to take birth control pills for medical reasons?

The answer: NaPro Technolgy and Natural Family Planning!

NaPro Technology gives couples the ability to keep intact openness to life and the complete gift of the spouses, including their fertility. It is a women's health care science that treats gynecological problems with natural hormones instead of the pill, assists couples to achieve and avoid pregnancy in a beautiful way in keeping with God's design, and assists couples who struggle with infertility.

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